Essay On Sibling Relationships

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Social/ Emotion Development Sibling relationships serve as the building blocks for social/emotional development, which will determine how a child forms all other relationships in their life. While older siblings are models for what is appropriate behavior in the home, they also serve as models for what is socially acceptable outside of the home for their younger siblings (Stormshak, Bullock, & Falkenstein, 2009). Having positive sibling relationships in a supportive family setting are connected to a child developing the skills necessary to self-regulate emotions and social competence as well as developing a sense of empathy (Stormshak, Bullock, & Falkenstein, 2009). Having a positive relationship does not mean never arguing with a sibling but rather being able to work through misunderstandings in a healthy fashion. When siblings have this positive relationship, they are less likely to suffer from depression later in life (Stormshak, Bullock, & Falkenstein, 2009). According to Brody (2004), Sibling relationships that are characterized by a balance of nurturance and conflict can ...
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