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Sexual Assault Prevention at Alabama State University

Sexual assault has become a major issue on college campuses. The project will examine the plans to investigate the prevalence of sexual assault at Alabama State University as well as the recent incidents. Undergraduate females are more likely to experience sexual assault, according to a recent study by National College Women Sexual Victimization survey between twenty and twenty-five percent of women will most likely experience sexual assault while in college. The institution must take distinctive choices to keep them from occurring again. Numerous of people have a observation of sexual violence, and thusly, accept, that they are immune from the risk of sexual assault in their communities. Alabama State University should reexamine the prevention option towards sexual assault. Then, decide whether to hire a sexual assault prevention coordinator for Alabama State University. The duties of a sexual assault coordinator will be to educate, promote, and aid students in any sexual assault experience.
The prospects will inform extreme actuality of sexual assault that still exist at Universities, notwithstanding giving a method to how college campuses ground organizations may better react to sexual violence in light of momentum exploration and the encounters of survivors. Alabama State University needs a better prevention for sexual assault because the campus should be safe for attending scholars.
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The history of sexual assault at Alabama State University has substantially changed the lives for many college students. In recent studies, Alabama State University has reported one sexual assault on campus. The department of public safety investigated the alleged ga...

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...ess years of sexual violence and support prevention from those in force has permitted a steady society throughout today's social order. At last everything returns to the beginning examination questions. One in four female understudies will encounter sexual assault, probably by somebody they know and inactively trust. A concern for the problem of campus sexual assault has been increasing among members of the college community as well as the public. (Bohmer, 1993) The areas of campus sexual assault are important ones; the lives of many men and women at Alabama State University are significantly affected by it. The university owes it to them to recognize sexual assault as a problem; make every effort to reduce incidence, and to handle sexual assault in the best way possible. The administration understands multiple understudies’s environments which they live in.
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