Essay On Sexism

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Before researching I really had no good understanding of how sexism was defined and its role in todays society. After researching, I have learned that sexism is “behaviors, conditions, or attitudes that foster stereotypes of social roles based on sex” (Obeidallah 2015). Sexism is manifested in two different ways: adherence to sexist stereotypes and making sexist remarks, and adopting double standards in regard to sexuality, Adherence to sexist stereotypes and making sexist remarks is one way that sexism is manifested. Both men and women experience these remarks and stereotypes. Women are considered to be more “vulnerable, gentle, and romantic” (Fradette 2012: 7). In general, they are viewed to be the inferior sex and classified as more submissive…show more content…
Women are judge more strictly with what they wear and what they do rather than men. Men are less likely to be looked down upon for what they do because it is excused as ‘boys will be boys.’ For example, the clothing women wears is considered to be “sexy clothing and [which] makes others react strongly and refer [to the women] as sluts. Men’s [clothing] isconsidered to be classy and well dressed” (Fradette 2012: 7). Women are not allowed to dress the way the would like to without being judged. In society today, there are effects of sexism. Some effects are “sexist divided roles, interests, skills, and behaviors which then impedes their development as individuals” (Fradette 2012: 8). Men and women are developed differently because there is a divide on what women and men are supposed to…show more content…
Functionalism is a theory “based on the assumption that society is a unified whole that functions because of the contributions of its separate structure” (Ferris, Stein 2014: 22). Sexism plays a role in society because women are most likely to depend on society in order to live a full life. Because women are viewed to be inferior, “women face objectification in almost every pursuit they attempt, whether it be in the workplace or in a relationship” (Thorne 2017). The society women are in makes them feel as if they cannot achieve what they want out of life. In order to keep stability and social order, society “deems the appropriate behavior for men, . . . and women” (Zevallos 2014). Because there are specific actions and behaviors society puts on both men and women, they do not conform to these assigned behaviors and standards. Sexism does lead to dysfunctions because women take on more male dominate traits and vice
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