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Literature Review Education is an essential ingredient in the development of an individual’s self but still it cannot prevail without the endeavor and pursuit of societal advancement. Sex education is a type of education which provides sexual information to children. A formal sex education serves as instructions for the health and well-being of the adolescents and young adults (Fatima, 2013). While examining the status of sex education in the society, an observer figures out that the tendency of defining sex education is at a broader scale than formerly. Sex education is redefined in terms of emotional and psychological aspects of sex (Kirkendall and Hamilton, 1954). Sex education is a process through which information is delivered to the group of young adolescents and takes into account all the happenings that occur during the period of growth from childhood to mature adults (Esere, 2008). Formal sex education, following a curriculum based plan, is a key strategy for promoting safer sexual behaviors for adolescents (Lindberg and Maddow, 2012). A comprehensive sex education is a very fundamental part of making the young children equipped with essential skills to help them achieve a healthy family life, thus this idea of promoting comprehensive sex education is highly supported by the U.S health professionals (Lindberg et al., 2006). The idea of teaching sex education is supported but the thought process is that which values should be taught and the attitudes towards the teaching of sex education (Marsman and Herold, 1986). After conducting surveys with the adolescents’ parents in the US, results showed that majority of them approved and supported the idea of teaching sex education in the public schools (Alexander, 1984) The wh... ... middle of paper ... ... training of a sex educator, as it is evident that there is a need of the development of the systematic training programs for the sex education teachers (Carrera, 1971). It is very important to form ones’ own belief and biases before proceeding in the field of teaching sex education. As the teachers had developed their own practical and personal knowledge in their teaching style of sex education and which strategies would they apply. Mostly the teachers reported that in the beginning the implementation of the strategy of presenting cognitive factual knowledge should be done. Once the children are provided with the information at this stage, some teachers stop at this level, while others move on to the socio-emotional and relational topics. This is how the sex education teachers go about in providing knowledge in this field of study to the children (Timmerman, 2009).

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