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Bachelor of Science Information Technology Management Third Year Project Service Desk Evaluation SAGE IRELAND Submission Date: 28 March 14 Prepared by: Toheeb Adigun – X00073066 Contents Bachelor of Science 1 Contents 2 Chapter 1- Detailed Project Proposal 3 1. Introduction 3 2. Project Aim 3 3. Project Objectives 4 4. Research Question 4 5. Research Method 5 Case Study 5 6. Conclusion 6 7. References 6 Chapter 1- Detailed Project Proposal 1. Introduction All Modern IT departments of any size need to do more with less, even as expectations for greater IT service responsiveness to innovativeness demands rise. In addition, the IT departments face increasing challenges with dealing with increased scrutiny to comply with new requirement for the ITIL evaluation model. The following chapter will outline the aim of this project to which aimed at evaluating SAGE IRELAND Service Desk. A number of specific objectives will be examined to present the reader with an understanding of the SAGE IRELAND Service Desk software; it’s compliance to the ITIL evaluation model, how the knowledge gained is used to optimise and improve the service and what impact it has on the company and its customers. The aims and objectives of this project will be described and stated. 2. Project Aim This proposal outlines a project which aimed at evaluating SAGE IRELAND Service Desk. I will examine the host organisation (Sage IRELAND) Service Desk software and it’s compliance to the ITIL evaluation model. ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is the most commonly recognized IT service management in the world. It a set of practices for information technology (IT) service management that emphases on supporting IT service with the nee... ... middle of paper ... ...tages will be highlighted which will help SAGE IRELAND understand why service desk are essential in IT service management, it will also include guidance on how SAGE IRELAND can implement, manage their service desk and how problems can be resolve in a timely manners. 7. References Towards an Improved IT Service Desk System and Processes: ( Evaluating ITIL Help Desk / Service Desk Software Top 10 Considerations ( Journal of Computing::A CBR-based Approach to ITIL-based Service Desk Measuring Success – Service Desk Evaluation Guide for the Midsized Business ( Evaluating the help desk (
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