Essay On Serial Killers

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A serial killer is an individual who murders two or more people. Most serial killers have a distinct way of murdering their victims and what they do with their remains. The general profile with a serial killer all starts within their brain, all serial killers have an abnormal psychological gratification method. There are certain types of serial killers such as thrill seekers, mission-oriented killers, visionary serial killers, and killers that murder for power or control. All of the killer's victims will have something in common, this could be either age group, gender, appearance, or race. A serial killer's profile can change upon its specific type. For example, a serial killer has an abnormal brain and thought process that can affect his or…show more content…
Almost all serial killers have a tragic event that happened to them or a loved one during their childhood. Events like sexual assault or murder at a young age can really mess with one's mind. When a serial killer commits the crime of murder there is usually a “cool-off” time between the next murder. From pre-crime to post-crime I believe that serial killers feel a sense of relief after killing somebody. They kill for a certain reason and once they have killed, they have a feeling inside their bodies that makes them feel uplifted. Fantasy plays into a serial killer's crimes by the method they kill people or if they have certain sexual pleasures that controls their thoughts. The best way to build up a criminal profile for a serial killer is finding the connection between the victims. All of the victims will have something in common and once that is found, that is the criminal profilers first lead into finding who's responsible for the…show more content…
When Atkins was first apprehended he didn’t admit to the murders, saying that he was a homosexual. However, after hours and hours of police questioning he confessed to the murders of all eleven women. Atkins went to trial and was found guilty of his crimes. He was sentenced to serve 11 terms of life in prison without parole. He was found dead at the age of 29 in his cell from a disease called HIV, after only serving 5 years of life sentence. It is believed that he caught HIV from one of the prostitutes he raped and
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