Essay On Sequels Of Movies

There’s always those movies you see the trailer of and instantly know it’s gonna be bad. However, there are also those movies that seem like they could qualify for movie of the year, based off the trailer alone. But, in reality, they’re just as bad, if not worse than the ones that looked bad from the start. Below is a list of five prominent ways to tell if a movie will be bad before it comes out. The Movie is a Sequel If the movie is a sequel to a classic, or based off a movie already renowned for its greatness, you might immediately be weary from the start. Which you should be. Many remakes or sequels of movies end up with some of the lowest ratings of the year, and make fans of the original asking “what were they thinking?” for deciding to desecrate the original movie. These sequels are usually bad for two reasons, one usually being because they take away what was so good about the first movie unknowingly, and two, being that there just wasn’t any real need to add to a story that was already concluded. An example can be found in the sequel to The Blair Witch Project. The reason the original Blair Witch movie was so good is because it was marketed to look like the movie was real, but in the sequel, the movie lost all its charm when it was made to look like a real movie.…show more content…
Where both their screenings had an overall negative reception, and they had to push back the release date because of said screening. Case in point, Jupiter Ascending. Jupiter Ascending had a rather unanimous rating among movie critics. With a 26% on Rotten Tomatoes and actors best known for comedies coming over to sci-fi, this movie was terrible. Directed by the Wachowskis, creators of The Matrix, a groundbreaking movie with amazing graphics and spectacular actors, the Wachowskis really let people down on this one. And, as stated before, this movie did have a pushed back release date, a major hint that this movie probably wouldn’t live up to any expectations
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