Essay On Self Disclosure

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Self-disclosure is the process of revealing personal information to someone else (Miller 156). Disclosure may include sharing both high and low risk information. This is important in relationships because it is a key component of intimacy. Two people cannot be fully intimate unless they share some personal information to one another. Additionally self-disclosure is linked to liking, the more we like a person the more likely we are to reveal personal information about ourselves, which in turn can strengthen the bond between two people and strengthen the relationship. When acting as a good communicator in a relationship, self-disclosure must be selective. The person doing the disclosing has to make careful choices regarding the information they are revealing, as well as be aware of the positive or negative outcomes that may follow. Furthermore, it is important to consider how revealing said information will affect the other person. Self-disclosure in relationships is very beneficial in that it can reduce any uncertainty or stress. Additionally, it is a two way street. Both partners must be willing to disclose at the same level, which will help the progression of the relationship in a healthy way. I will apply self-disclosure in my own relationships by slowly opening up to the other person and revealing information about myself such as; goals, preferences, values, ideas, and beliefs. I will begin disclosure with thoughts and observations and from there move to feelings and needs as the relationship grows. To apply this, for example, on a first date I will choose a simple topic to disclose-major, college, where I am from, etc. In addition, I will pay attention to the rate they disclose information and follow suit with what I am comfo... ... middle of paper ... ...staying focused on the here and now. If I am having a discussion with my partner it may veer off into a full blown argument about every other little thing in the world. To practice good communication I will keep the discussion or if so, the argument focused on the topic at hand. For example, if my partner and I are discussing whose turn it is to do the dishes, I will keep the discussion on the dishes not let it veer off and turn into who does more or cares more, etc. Communicating in my relationships also means minimizing emotions when talking about big decisions such as, money or marriage. If either party is revved up or emotional it takes away from thinking rationally and coming to a conclusion right for both people involved. Good communication starts with one person making an effort to improve the relationship, and in turn will make the other want to follow suit.
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