Essay On Self Acceptance

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Become a vehicle/vessel for the creative energy / self-expression in practice

Self-expression is about actualizing your own energy, whatever you carry within yourself. You create this energy through everyday interactions with the world around you and people that you meet on your path. Everything generates this energy - entertainments like watching movies or playing games, food, problems that you solve, landscape that you appreciate, imagination that you play with. It's not about repeating other people or trying to fit in - but it's about expressing your point of view, your feelings, your interpretations of what's happening. Surely, some of it might seem as recycling other people's ideas, but there is always a personal component in
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"Self-acceptance is equivalent to personal power. Self-acceptance means we are unified: all our energy is centered and flows outward. Non-self-acceptance creates an inner rupture and inner warfare. In non-self-acceptance we use our energy to hide from our self. As a result we have less energy for directly coping with the world. Self-acceptance makes us fully functional." - John Bradshaw

trust in your skills and abilities -> you are capable to do many things and if you are feeling that you lack such capability, you are able to learn whatever is necessary; you grow and develop with the knowledge and experience that you gain. All your skills are the medium of your self-expression.

motivation or determination -> say 'no' when everyone expects you to say 'yes' and say 'yes' when your inner critic says 'no'; pursue that goal which some people might find ridiculous; walk away from that individuals who undermine your efforts and welcome those who will support you on your
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It is easier to do things that resonate with you rather than doing something which has nothing to do with your values, likes and preferences. This automatically leads to the development of authenticity and integrity. Integrity is about consistency, trust and having a reason for doing something; authenticity is about demonstrating and sharing who you truly are. People will appreciate you more if you follow this path - we have enough clones and people who are hidding behind their self-doubt and insecurity. We need more of those who will provide the world with the variety and originality and the best way to do it is to offer yourself to the world and express who you are through all your actions.

align your mind, heart, spirit and actions -> your mind contains your thoughts and reason, your heart owns your feelings, your spirit contains a pure joy that you experience when you do something that you truly enjoy doing. Make sure that all these parts cooperate with each other and then express this integration through all your actions. If one area is pulling you onto direction other than where the other two are leading you, you will have a hard time deciding on what you want to do and how to do
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