Essay On Savant Syndrome

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Savant syndrome is an extremely rare condition, but it is one of the most fascinating developments in the brain discovered by scientists. People with savant syndrome have a very serious disability mentally or physically, like autism, although savant syndrome occurs in other developmental disabilities or central nervous system injury or disease, but they are able to gain a quite unexplainable and amazing talent that stands out in contrast to their disability. With these extraordinary abilities, it would be difficult for scientists to truly understand memory and cognition until they can understand savant syndrome. Savant syndrome was first recognized by Dr. J. Langdon Down, who also originated the term Down syndrome, in 1887. The term idiot savant was first used to describe people with this condition. Idiot savant was French for “learned idiot” or “knowledgeable idiot” until it was felt inappropriate because not all reported cases of savants went well with the word “idiot”. Since then, savant syndrome has been the term adopted for these conditions. The reason for why savant syndrome occurs is not yet completely understood, but the link that it has with autism would be important. There have been many theories that have been proposed but none of them had enough information and each theory had too many complications to be considered a correct theory. So at this very moment, there is no reasonable explanation of why savant syndrome occurs. A low IQ is not a necessary accompaniment of savant syndrome. Even though most savants have a relatively low IQ it can vary from savant. A savant can have an IQ as high as 125 or possibly even higher which means that IQ level does not always release somebody from the possibility of h... ... middle of paper ... ...Although Kim has these incredible abilities he struggles with ordinary motor skills which lead him trouble walking. Recent studies have increasingly shown that left hemisphere dysfunction with right hemisphere compensatory process is an important component in many cases involving savant syndrome including savants with autistic disorder. Savant syndrome can be established from birth or acquired after a brain injury or disease in infancy, childhood, or adulthood. Researchers find it very interesting when savant-like skills are gained by people who were previously nondisabled but acquired after a central nervous system injury or disease. With this in mind, it raises the possibility of all the hidden potential, possibly within all of us, in which a person could have and that could lead to a major discovery in the brain that scientists would use for the future.
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