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Castillo Juan Mr. Hartshorn English III CP 31 March 2014 Salem Witch Trials The Salem witch trials, an event in colonial Massachusetts between 1692-1693 occurred in present day Danvers, Massachusetts, once known as Salem Village. This paper will validate Salem’s witch trials having a very immense influence on the U.S. today; such as the trial’s religious, philosophical, political, and ethical impact on our nation today. Life in Salem Village was harsh, farming was difficult, an epidemic of smallpox was killing families, and all misfortunes were seen as the Devil's work. Puritan lifestyle was a strong influence for the trials; they had a strong belief in the devil and witchcraft and made up a great number of the Massachusetts population. Salem was divided into two parts, Salem Village and Salem Town. Residents from both living areas were abundantly different. The people of Salem Village were commonly pauper farmers at a disadvantage by living in rocky terrain while those living in Salem town were mostly wealthy merchants. Residents of Salem Town relied on farmers for food and collected tax from their village. Salem Village desperately tried to gain independence from Salem Town for many years yet there was no separation between the dyad. Farmers of Salem Village believed the Salem Townspeople quality of character endangered their Puritan values. Tension grew worse once Salem Village chose Reverend Samuel Parris as their new minister. Parris was a flinty Puritan that discredited Salem Town’s prosperity as the work of the Devil. It's probable that jealousy played a major role in the witch trials, most accused lived near Salem Town, and Reverend Parris was a zealous supporter of the witch trials with a deep hatred for residents of... ... middle of paper ... time. The pain brought upon the witch trials doubtlessly opened some eyes for the inhabitants and ended several superstitions for them. Our government today is no longer controlled by ridiculous fables of mythology; our country now has legitimate justice because of the innocent victims of the witch trials. My research paper not only proved the Salem Witch Trials significance to our justice system but its positive effect on our people’s lack of empathy. The witch trials ruined lives but saved people today from future agony; the event culturally influenced people of Pagan ancestry to become open with their religion and gave several writers inspiration to write stories based off the Salem Witch Trials. Most Christian based churches today no longer follow the old belief of witchcraft, because of the Salem witch trials no similar tragedies can transpire ever again.

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