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A lady of courage and strength, often described as shy in her earlier life, she was the one to raise her voice against racial discrimination. The hero of our lives, Rosa Parks. Rosa Louise McCauley Parks was born in Tuskegee, Alabama in 1913. She was a daughter to a carpenter James McCauley and a teacher Leona McCauley and also a granddaughter to an enslaved person (Rosa Parks Biography). “Rosa McCauley learned this "rectitude and race pride" from her grandfather, a supporter of Marcus Garvey” (Dunlap). She was two years old when she moved to her grandparent’s farm. Rosa attended “the Montgomery Industrial School for Girl” which was a private school “founded by a liberal minded women from the northern United States (Biography Rosa parks). She later grew up as an African American civil rights activists and a seamstress (Rosa Parks Biography).
She was raised in the south in a racist environment due to which she was always in constant fear. She was well aware of the injustice that was going around her. She often described in her many interviews that black people didn’t have any rights at that time. Around the time when Rosa was growing up, Southern states were extremely segregated. Ku Klux Klan was established in Tennessee, which was a secret society in 1866 and the member of the Klan would kill and beat up several black people without any reason. Rosa was affected by the riots that were going on, she often described her fear as a girl, "Back then", she recalled, "we didn't have any civil rights, it was just a matter of survival. I remember going to sleep as a girl, hearing the Ku Klux Klan ride at night, afraid the house would burn down."(Rosa Parks Biography).She always hated the way of her life.
Rosa McCauley always wanted to wor...

... middle of paper ... stand up for myself.
Rosa parks “whose defiance of segregation laws in Montgomery, Alabama sparked the civil rights movement in 1955”, unfortunately died at her home on Wednesday, October 26 in Detroit at the age of 92. Millions of people view Parks as the "Mother of the Civil Rights Movement, it is a designation she repeatedly disclaimed; citing that she was only doing what she thought was her right.” (Boyd).
Rosa Parks was a wonder women who “sat down” to stand up for her rights. She is the hero of our country and a ray of light for all the black communities out there. Women in American history have done tremendous jobs in making our country what it is today. I salute to all those women who stood up for their rights. Rosa Parks will always be remembered for the work she did for the black community. She was a big part of the history and will always remain so.

In this essay, the author

  • Narrates how rosa parks paid her fare and walked through the bus to get to the back section meant for colored people. the bus driver yelled at her to re-enter, but she refused.
  • Explains that rosa parks' story is more complex than what we know. the naacp wanted to challenge the bus laws for many years, and they got the opportunity now.
  • Narrates how the montgomery bus boycott was successful after rosa parks was found guilty of disobeying segregation laws. king's speech electrified the audience and gave a new spar to the movement.
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