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Ancient Rome - Source Analysis
Ancient Rome existed from 753 BC to 476 AD. Many people were a part of making Rome what it was, including gladiators, slaves, plebeians, patricians and many more. The gladiators were mainly slaves and plebeians who were forced to entertain crowds, including the rich society, so they would not rebel against their empire (this once happened when gladiators rebelled under the leadership of a Thracian from the nomadic tribes, Spartacus). These sources generally show the life of a gladiator because it gives an insight on how they would have lived their life in ancient Roman times.

Source 1 is a perspective of Roman gladiators from a Roman philosopher, writer and politician, Marcus Tullius Cicero. This passage could have been written as a letter to a friend or someone who also had strong beliefs about the gladiator fights. In this source, Marcus depicts gladiators as obedient, loyal
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The Colosseum was possibly built to house gladiator fights and other genres of entertainment in ancient Roman times. This is important because it shows the place and origin of gladiator fights, which still continue in our era, in modified versions.. This is the place where most gladiators spent the majority of their time - training and fighting. This Colosseum shows us the product of Roman effort, persistence, energy and time. In comparison to other sporting arenas in the past and the present, the Colosseum shows uniqueness because it describes the Romans’ such great love for bravery, fighting, and entertainment overall.

In conclusion, life in ancient Rome was unpleasant for gladiators, who had no rights and were forced to fight to entertain for the rich society. The sources show the importance of gladiators in ancient Roman times, to the rich society and others. Therefore, it can be led to that others that were not gladiators loved the fights as much they loved themselves and their own
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