Essay On Role Of A Teacher

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At any time in today’s classroom one may ask the question, what is the role of the teacher and the student in the classroom today? How does a teacher in a classroom apply their faith, beliefs, and view of the world into their classroom? How does this worldview affect the outcome of the curriculum that is developed and taught to their students? This paper will explore these questions and how the ideas of world view and personal truth affects an educator’s development of curriculum as well as influence the role of the teacher, learner, society, and family. We all have a worldview, a set of lenses used to view all of life and reality. Our individual worldview will influence all personal decisions and will help decide the direction…show more content…
A teacher should provide a quality education, by remaining aware and open minded about the latest educational development, strategies and educational trends. Teachers should be continually learning and assessing their teaching practices through reflection and collaboration with other teachers. It is the role of the teacher to use these teaching practices to develop in students the abilities and skills that will remain with them throughout life. Teachers should be role models for their students, to provide encouragement and praise, reassuring their students that they can achieve their dreams and reach their goals. Teaching should not only focus on academics but it should also focus on character education. Students need to be prepared to enter into their community and have the ability to interact with people from different backgrounds, cultures, religious backgrounds, social status, and values. It is important that teachers work with students to help them learn the skills of cooperation, patience, communication, empathy, understanding and teamwork, these skills are extremely important for the successful integration into further education, the workforce, family life and other social interactions. Teachers can achieve this through focusing on and encouraging group work, peer tutoring as well as games and activities that focus on social
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