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Feeling sluggish when you are waking up to go to work or class, Roadrunner is a great way to start off your day with a boost of energy. Made from real fruit Roadrunner comes in five great flavors. Strawberry kiwi, berry, orange, banana, and mango are the five flavors that you have to choose from. Roadrunner is made with all natural flavors, real fruit, more vitamins, and natural chemicals making it one of the healthiest energy drinks on the market. You can purchase Roadrunner in 8-ounce cans and 16 ounces cans. It is sold at the local convenient store coming individual cans or cases from 4 in a case to 8 in a case. Drinking Roadrunner is a great way to stay health and get a quick boost on the run.


As you can see in the chart below the 5 top competitors have increased their revenue a little bit. At one point NOS and Amp were not even in the top 5 for the total revenue made. Just in 2010 is when Amp and NOS made the break into the top 5. This shows that the market value for them two products have increased. You could probably look at their SWOT analysis under the streght section and see what they had for a stregnth of theirs to improve their company and make it into the top 5. (

Sales in 2013 Sales in 2012 Sales in 2011
Red Bull 3,433 2,950 2,300
Monster 3,147 2,600 1,900
Rockstar 821 780 660
NOS 274 300 330
AMP 239 250 250


From what you can see in the (Datamonitor) after 2006 the energry drinks sold just under 400 million more liters then they did in 2006. The market value for energy drink would continue to increase until 2009 when they starteed to decrease the amount of liters sold in the USA. In 2009 and ...

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...e also sponsoring snowboarders. But instead of marketing toward extreme energy, they market toward being “not tired”. With this approach, Amp appeals more toward a slightly older audience and also to a calmer audience.

Why should anyone buy out product?

Mintel Food & Drink’s August 2013 energy drink report showed that 59% of Americans who drink energy drinks are concerned about the health implications energy drinks can bring ( With the all the recent concern over the health effects of energy drinks, Roadrunner is a natural, safe alternative. With Roadrunner, you can get the same benefit as the other energy drinks, without worrying about your health. Roadrunner also has a more appealing than most energy drinks, which are bitter and potent. Roadrunner, with its sweet fruit flavors, is the perfect energy drink for people who don’t like energy drinks.
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