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Salvador De Freitas Mr. Fresar Humanities 8p 26/5/14 Right to play Right to Play in an organisation who uses the power of play to educate and empower children and the youth. Right to Play currently has more than 300 professional and Olympic athletes from 40 countries that are a part of right to play. With over 2o countries to help, right to plays goal is getting closer, which is to create a healthy and safe world for children. Their theory is that children learn best when they are experiencing lessons through the power the play. Right to play has foundations which include, Ikea foundation and Gold sachs gives. Corporate partners include cheap football club, micro soft, poly com and the international ski federation. Right to Play spreads all over the world, Ghana is thankfully a part of Right to Play because without them they would not be where they are now. Right to plays work started in Ghana in 2001. They supported vaccination campaigns led by the countries ministry of health. They quickly expanded providing play days and special events to support kids living in refugee camps. By 2006, the organisations programs were featured in many Ghanian schools. Before, There uses to be a drop rate of 63% of children over the age of 10. Now, right to play has made programs that make children engaged and eager to learn. Right to play also encourages healthy behaviours in participating children in events. Example: Hand washing and using mosquito nets to prevent malaria. Through the power of play, Right to play helps over 1 million, know their potentials and realise their dreams. Their programs focus on impacting three most critical areas of a child's development: The quality of their education, the ability to stay healthy and their poten... ... middle of paper ... ..., self esteem, respect, and peer support. Right to plays goal is a simple, to create a safe and healthy world for children. Right to play impacts in Ghana is great, children now know more about the world and its diseases and the Ghanians have better quality of education and are more healthier then before.
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