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This chapter will be discussed about contractor and its classes. And this chapter also will explain about their responsibilities in managing safety during construction work carried out.

3.2 Definitions
3.2.1 Contractor

A contractor is someone who enters into a binding agreement to perform a certain service or provide a certain product in exchange for valuable consideration, monetary, goods, services, even barter arrangements. In the building trades, a contractor is one who is engaged in the construction or building related services for a client.

The contractor can defined as a body or party that responsible to make reality painting that that provided by architect to form and actual size that was prescribed according to contract..
All construction work carried out is under the contractor's responsibility and contractor necessary, satisfy the condition that stated in the contract. Contractors that completing construction work will get consideration or profit that is shaped payment from a client or owner of the building. Payment imposed, this is in return for contractor's service and it was upheld approval from both parties. The agreement will exist with condition particular condition between contractor, employer and a few other parties which involved under construction.

3.2.2 Sub- contractor

The subcontractor is consisting of whole variety contractor who did work according to certain trade skill, expertise and their own capacity. Construction project usually needs employee from a contractor that is different at the same time.



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...fered in the tender. Based on CIDB directory for contractor, usually they perform light and not overall work compared to large contractor, such as maintenance of water supply and sewerage system, electrical installation, installation of water pipe, concrete repair works, landscaping works and other, but not all the work that they do are light , they also performing the heavy and and dangerous work such as:
I. High voltant Electric installation works.
II. Dam maintenance.
III. Lift and escalator installation.
IV. Exploding rock work.

This chapter describes the terms for contractors and sub-contractors, contractor responsibility for the management of safety at construction sites is also important to ensure that the construction work can be carried out smoothly. Safety management also cannot be done well without the cooperation of all parties involved.
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