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Registered Nurse
Do you think you have what it takes to be a Registered Nurse (RN)? An RN is a person who provides patient care, deals with various public health conditions, educates their patients, and provides advanced support to patients and their families. Registered Nurses jobs range from working at a hospital’s bedside, to working at doctors offices. For nursing, there are currently about 2.6 million employees. Registered Nursing jobs are still expanding into a large area of specialized jobs. An occupation like this requires a diversity of skills, and a higher intelligence level to handle this multifaceted career.
There are many qualifications that need to be met in order to take on this profession. An RN’s educational degree usually ranges from a Diploma to Bachelors degree. Diplomas are offered at colleges, which usually last about three years. Associate’s degrees are at community colleges which take two-three years to finish. Bachelor’s degrees are presented at universities/colleges, which take approximately four years to finish. Associate degrees and diplomas prepar...

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