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Life changed immensely in the 20th century as air conditioning and refrigeration systems became more efficient and controllable. Air Conditioning and 
Refrigeration play important roles in providing human comfort, food processing, storage, and many other industrial processes. We chose this topic because our life would be difficult without AC and Refrigeration. This paper will talk about the history of air conditioning and refrigeration, the role of engineers in designing and building it, people’s life before and after air conditioning and refrigeration, and finally Applications in the area of achievements and future developments.

The history of air conditioning and refrigeration:
Before 20th century, most efforts were ineffective and people tried many things to provide the comfort of cool, till Leonardo Da Vince designed a mechanical fan and it was used in industrial settings. Then, an engineer named Stuart Cramer, he likes the idea of the latest system of controlling the heat and humidity and he improved it and called it “air conditioning” in 1906. One year later, air-conditioning equipment designed by Witten Meier was installed in movie theatres and hotels. And in 1927, General Electric introduces the first refrigerator to be mass-produced with a completely sealed refrigerating system and it was one of a kind. In 1927, these improvements continued to progress and engineers completed doing researches and they developed air-conditioning and refrigerating to consume a less amount of energy.

Role of engineers:

Engineers’ main job is to solve problems and design things that make people’s life easier. One of the problems refrigeration engineers had to deal with at the beginning of the 20th century was how to ma...

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...r changes the phase of the gas to the liquid. Thus, the heat will release from the condenser. In addition, the condenser deals with reject the heat from the system, and it doesn’t change the pressure, so the pressure will stay high.
• Third, the liquid will enter to the expansion valve with the higher pressure and leaves with the low pressure.
• Finally, the liquid moves to the evaporator, where heat from the inside air is absorbed and changes it from a liquid to a gas. After that, it goes again to the compressor, where the entire cycle is repeated.
The compressors used in refrigerators use titanium turbines. Using titanium needs high level of energy, which make the cost higher. One of the future techs that will help saving energy and reducing the cost is the refrigerant known as “R-718” or “Water Vapor”. R718 can be more efficient than our current refrigerants.