Essay On Reconstruction Plans

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Breanna Doss
Reconstruction Plans Opinion Paper Portfolio
4/23/14 Teacher: Jason Sipe
Lincoln’s Plan
During the Civil War, the South was destroyed. A lot of the fighting happened in the South and the towns and cities were ruined. People all across the United States agreed that the south needed rebuilding. There were different plans that were made up to help rebuild the south. People had different ideas of which plan to use and nobody could agree on one plan. This time of rebuilding the south is called the Reconstruction. There were three major plans. There was Lincoln’s Plan, the Radical Republican Plan, and Johnson’s plan. Lincoln’s Plan got its name from Abraham Lincoln, the creator of this plan. The Radical Republican Plan was the congress. It got its name because it was considered a more radical, or extreme, plan. Then, Johnson’s Plan was named from the creator, Andrew Johnson. This plan was also sometimes called “Restoration”.

The plan that was the best for the nation was the Lincoln Plan. Lincoln’s plan was to let the South join back into the Union as peaceful as possibl...
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