Essay On Reasons For Restricting Freedom Of Speech

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Reason for restricting freedom of speech In China, the reason for restricting freedom of speech is to protect their current political regime. The size of China is over 9700 km, and the population is over 14 trillion. It makes China quite hard to manage because of its land being too wide and have overpopulation. So, if anything would happened and stir up the emotion of the people, if they should take any action, it would be a disaster for the Government of China and it would be very hard to satisfy every requirement that the people required. In more serious case, it could ultimately cause a civil war to occur, just like in ancient China we can see that many uprising of the people occur because of dissatisfaction towards the imperial court that could ultimately cause the fall of a dynasty. So the government of China have a fear that if any information is leaked or spread by someone can cause any dissatisfaction towards the party that is running the country. To prevent such incident, they are extremely strict in the control of information. Due to China being a communist country, China ...

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