Essay On Racial Discrimination

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“Racial Discrimination” Have you ever heard about racial discrimination and what is it? Racial discrimination is defined as the action of a persons who treat differently or who excludes another person just for his or her racial or ethnic origin. Racial discrimination continues to exist in the world and may never end with it. For example, in the documentary "Linsanity" Lin mentions that he was a victim of racial discrimination and that despite everything that happened, he was able to reach the American dream. Finally, from watching this documentary, I can strongly be argued that Discrimination is also present in sports, and that depends on what privileges you enjoy will be easier the way to reach what you want. As I mention before discriminate means to distinguish and to separate one thing from another. Discrimination occurs when a person is treated unfavorably because of prejudices. In the case of sport, discrimination occurs in several aspects: as we all know, and what I learn from “Linsanity” there is racial discrimination in sports and that is what happened to Jeremy Lin when he tried to become in the famous Asian basketball player that he is now. Even though he struggles to be a basketball player, he succeeded and that fact that other people discriminated him, he was still able to achieve his goals. As an immigrant I am opposed discrimination since I have experienced, it hurts me to realize how other people have gone through racial discrimination just like me and it hurts me to think that it is still happening and that it will continue to happen. I know how it feels and I believe it is unfair for people to face discrimination because we all equal it does not matter your race, religion, ethnicity or culture. Also according to... ... middle of paper ... ...y? Which leads me to think that your success depends on your portal code and who educates you and who are your contacts. In conclusion and with indignity I wonder why we have to live with discrimination in our homes, sports and jobs. Why we cannot all have the same privileges, why other people have more advantages to go forward, why we do not do anything to disappear the discrimination why we allow ourselves to deal with it. Why people cannot feel happy for what they are, why we cannot be proud of who we are. Why we need to change something in us to feel part of a group. I do not think it necessary to discriminate someone just for his or her ethnicity. We have forgotten our history, where we came from and who we were, we totally forgotten that our ancestors suffered a lot of discrimination and many died for our freedom. STOP to discriminate and say yes to a change.
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