Essay On Public Relations And Advertising

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The rise of journalism based most of its work off of the help of public relations and would use advertising tactics in their own reporting. Public relations and advertising work closely together in their attempt to portray a positive image. For my final paper I chose to write about the development of journalism, public relations, and advertising; to compare and contrast the similarities and differences and to see where each peaked. It is interesting to notice how much they all relate to each other, but to also notice how each are different in their own way. The evolution of journalism started during World War I with newsreels in the 1950’s. Newsreels were shortly taken over by the radio, however, newspapers felt as though the radio was taking…show more content…
When public relations and advertising work together, it is called integrated marketing, public relations help their clients to maintain a beneficial relationship with the publics.
Similar to advertising, public relations have an intense influence on the news we read, the products we buy, the public officials who are elected, and the laws that are passed (Rodman 2012, p. 329). A good example of this is the story of Henry Ford. In 1903, Henry Ford hired a famous racer, Barney Oldfield to drive a Ford car; this was a way for Ford’s name to appear on the front page of newspapers, a great advertising
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There are different ways to make advertisements desirable, such as coming up with a slogan that will be stuck in your head for days or sharing a video or photo that is unforgettable. There have however been times that things are advertised, but they aren’t true or they seek out the wrong group of people. Each advertisement is made to catch the eye of a specific type, not always accurate as seen through the example of Hispanics being the root audience of tobacco and alcohol products leading to racial discrimination.
It is sad to notice that both advertising and public relations are seen negatively by most, and it seems as though the negativity is getting increasingly worse. “61% percent of consumers believe that advertising is ‘out of control’” (Rodman 2012, p.381). This is understandable considering it is nearly impossible to avoid advertisements, however, with the negativity surround it the hard work of advertisers goes unnoticed. The work of advertisement and public relations are both a science and an art and require a lot of knowledge of the human
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