Essay On Psychopathology

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Psychopathology is indeed a fascinating topic within the field of psychology. Researchers and scientists alike attempt to understand how the human mind works, in both efficient and deficient ways. It is, however, the deficiencies that most scientists want or strive to understand because most deficiencies lead to mental illness. In order to pinpoint those various deficiencies that lead to mental illness, scientists and researchers must use and follow through different research methodologies. In the field of psychopathology, a systematic fashion of exploring questions and observations about disorders, syndromes, and/or diseases is imperative. We, as scientists and researchers, cannot just pick, choose, and share whatever information off our…show more content…
There are variations of basic research designs that are used for psychopathological research, but sometimes it may be unethical and difficult to use some of the methods, and at other times some methods may limit the interpretations that can be made about a psychological phenomenon or mental disorder. For example, true experimental conditions would be highly unethical to conduct to understand mental disorders. No one would like the idea of making someone pathological just to study the causes of a disorder. True experiments would be the most informative way to get a casual explanation about a mental disease, but that would jeopardize the well-being of the people, and the welfare of people is of priority. Quasi-experimental designs I feel are appropriate and acceptable. One would not need to assign pathogenic features to anyone, instead the researcher would already have a hold of pathogenic individuals to compare to a control group. A quasi-experiment may not be very informative of the casual explanation of the etiology of a mental disease, but it is a step forward in the quest to find some relevant information about a disease, disorder, or…show more content…
So if the field of psychopathology is limited in the ethical research that can be done to have a definitive casual explanation for a mental disorder, why bother? I guess you do have to start somewhere, and yes, I know that the field of psychopathology is advancing, but are the interpretations of most psychopathology studies really accurate? It could be. Throughout my own experience with research on personality and interpersonal relationships, I have conducted mostly correlational work. (However, I am moving toward more experimental research). Correlation research does not infer causation. Therefore, I did not conduct any research with any definitive cause and effect answers. It seems like the same for psychopathology research. Everything we mostly know in a definitive manner about psychopathology is either environmentally or physiologically relational, not casual. However, the correlational examinations of psychopathy seems to be helping in understanding, especially, the external attributes that contribute to the outcome of most mental diseases, disorders, and
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