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Marxist Feminism theory A contemporary theory that can be applied to sex trafficking and prostitution is Marxist Feminism. Marxist Feminism is a sociology theory that follows the beliefs of Karl Marx. The theory can be applied to prostitution in a useful way by exposing the power structures that support sex work. Marxist feminists claim the source of the oppression of women is capitalism (Tong, 1998). Capitalism is, “an economic and political system in which a country's trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state” (Capitalism, n.d.). This means that people control the trade and industry aspect of a country and there is little state involvement in regulating those sectors. Karl Marx was one of the first critiques of capitalism; he was a German philosopher, social scientist, historian, and revolutionary. In his famous work, The Communist Manifesto, he explains the relationship between the upper class (the Bourgeois) who own the “means of production” and the working class (the Proletarians) who work for wages. He writes, “the Bourgeois has left no other bond between man and man than naked self-interest, than callous cash payment” (Marx & Engels, 2008). The Bourgeoisie (traffickers) are constantly exploiting the Proletariat (victims of prostitution) by keeping them dependent with wages that are low or nonexistent. As the proletariat struggles in these conditions of exploitation in the work place the same system of oppression and maximizing profits also creates the stage for degrading and controlling them. Marx was very critical of the control that the bourgeois had over the economy. He believed that the bourgeois had “resolved personal worth into exchange value, and in place of numberles... ... middle of paper ... ...mainly in Germany, Japan, and the United States (Eglitis, 2005). These countries are considerably influential capitalist countries (The Five Most Capitalist Countries in The World). It’s observable that the major capitalist nations are involved in trafficking more than any other nations; therefore the extinction of capitalism should decrease the amount of human trafficking that occurs. Also a factor that strengthens trafficking in women are vulnerable to poverty and in many countries less valued than men who makes it harder for them to achieve success or capital. Women can also be restricted because of the process of reproduction, which can greatly limit their options for financial means. Marxist feminism would suggest opening up equality in countries would increase the independency of women and children, thus lowering vulnerability to poverty, and sex slavery.

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