Essay On Pros And Negatives Of Social Media

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Social media is a term that defines various forms of communication through virtual networks in which users create online communities to share information. It has gained worldwide growth and popularity with a marvelous speed, and has tremendously revolutionized the way humans live, on both positive and negative sides. On the positive side, it provides the instant dissemination of news, unlimited communication between individuals and the increase of job opportunities. On the negative side, it results in paucity of direct communication, privacy concerns and inundation of cyber violence. First of all, social media gives their users the ability to get immediate access to what happened in other places. For 46% of Americans, social media sites are…show more content…
First, social media exacerbates the lack of face-to-face interaction. Social media has made it difficult to distinguish between the relationship forms on the internet and the meaningful relationship built in the real world. A large proportion of internet users spend so much time indulging in contentment brought by distant and insubstantial world that they neglect their real life and families around them. A USC Annenberg School study found that there were 32% subjects reported using social media or texting during meals instead of talking with family and…show more content…
From a positive perspective, social media gives rise to the prompt and open flow of information, communication which breaks down the boundaries between distances and broadens job options. Nevertheless, from a negative perspective, social media results in inadequacy of real-life communication, hidden trouble of information security and the overflow of cyber mobs. Overall, comparing the positive and negative outcomes, social media brings more benefits than detriments. The value of social media is undeniable, and cannot be replicated by any other technology existing in the world. On the other hand, the hazards resulting from social media can all be solved by strict controls over internet content. Hence, the adverse consequences created by social media are not unavoidable and will do less harm if they are

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