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To begin, let me ask you something, what would it feel like not to have flowers or colorful fruits surrounding you or if they were never there in the first place. Well we should thank our amazing pollinators as such as the bee, hummingbird, e.t.c. We sometimes don’t realize how important they are to us and that we take them for granted. Pollinators play a hard working role in the ecosystem and are extremely important. The reason they are such an important factor to this world is because pollinators are the ones that create and maintain new habitats for our ecosystems. These pollinators are also held responsible for helping the plants grow our amazing fruits that we have today. Since from this help from pollinators, fruits and other flowers…show more content…
So either way none of them win there both good to the environment and both have major pros and cons. But selective pollination can also have many advantages and disadvantages. The advantages for having selective pollination is that they have a way better production rate and can make extremely good products from this chosen flowers or or specific plants. Another pro of selective pollination is that it can produce and attract stronger pollinators. With this these stronger pollinators can make the plant give off extremely good production and can make the plant almost irresisstable. The major cons of selective pollination is that since it can only be pollinated by specific pollinators the pollination process is not the fastest it can be. Cause generalist can be pollinated by almost anything and have a great pollination rate. Another con is of safety, because of this selective pollination these plants do not have the best of safety and cannot face any hardships when they come into the picture. The last topic is Correlation between morphology and function in terms of pollination. Some pollination systems, such as buzz‐pollination, are associated with floral morphologies that require a close physical interaction between floral sexual organs and insect

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