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This project control artifact helps to understand the high level communication management plan, high level quality management plan, high level risk management plan and high level change management plan of the” Project Smile”.
This part of the project defines the process of monitoring and recording results of executing the quality activities to assess performance and recommend necessary changes. There is two main purpose of this artifact for the project smile which is listed below:
I. It helps to identify the causes of poor process and recommending eliminating them.
II. It helps “Project smile” to validate that project deliverables and work meet the requirements specified by key stakeholders necessary for final acceptance.

Communication Management Plan is the process of developing an appropriate approach and plan for project communication based on stakeholder’s information needs and requirements and available organizational assets. Project Manager (Anisha) is responsible to create, collect, distribute, store, retrieve and the ultimate disposition of project smile information in accordance to the communication management plan which helps to enable an efficient communication flow between project smile stakeholders.
Different methods of communication will be used during the project life cycle. However its main goal is to ensure that the information that has been created and distributed has been received and understood to enable response and feedback. Project Smile is a short term project so we mainly use phone, fax, memo, email, and meeting as a main source of communication. Other source of communication will be used in daily matter but meeting will be held as scheduled...

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...ays possible to have changes during the project life cycle. Project manager should be prepared for the changes that will occur in future to run the project smoothly. A change request is formal proposal to modify any document, deliverable or baseline which will include the corrective action, a preventative action or a defect repair. It should be scheduled and implemented by the project team. The approved change request can change the policies, project management plan, procedures, cost or revise the schedules. The request for the change can be direct or indirect, externally or internally intimated and can be optional or legally mandated. Project manager is responsible to determine the changes and will request to the project sponsor. However, the sponsor is the only ones who can accept or deny the changes after they consider all the change factors.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that "project smile" validates that project deliverables and work meet the requirements specified by key stakeholders for final acceptance.
  • Explains that project smile will identify quality requirements for the project and its deliverables, documenting compliance, and providing guidance and direction on how quality will be managed and validated.
  • Explains that project smile will identify the process of auditing the quality requirements and ensure that appropriate quality standards and operational definition are used.
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