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Educational philosophies do not singlehandedly define who we are as educators. There is almost always a mix between philosophies that identify our values as educators. I found that I have identified most with a progressive philosophy, also known as a pragmatist philosophy. This philosophy stood out to me when I had first learned about the different types and my guess that I fit into this category most was confirmed when I scored my sheet. A progressive or pragmatic philosophy is one that focuses on the entire child. This means that, as an educator, I focus on making sure that the child benefits from education more than just learning new topics. This is important because there is so much I can do for children as a teacher. Children are more…show more content…
There is more to teaching than just making sure the content is absorbed. Making sure that the child is emotionally and physically well before trying to teach them new concepts is important because if a child does not feel comfortable in their learning setting, they will not grasp all of the information that they need to. Also, I believe that it is important for children to learn about life and social skills while they are in school. If they are able to learn about life and why they are actually learning certain material, it can help them to work harder and really see school in a more positive light. As stated by Theodore Michael Christou, progressivism is, “populated by hybrid discourses, constellated and interacting in multiple spaces” (Christou 2012, 279). To me, this perfectly sums up how the progressive philosophy of teaching combines multiple perspectives in order to make sure that children learn in the best way possible for their own learning style. Children are able to learn real world concepts and also through this educational philosophy, are able to focus on developing…show more content…
I believe that as an educator is really is my job to help to guide children through the educational system in the best way possible for them. I am a firm believer that children learn in so many ways that they are able to help others learn as well, even teachers. I hope to allow children to fall in love with learning and finding out new things not only in their early years where it is so easy to love school but also in their future years of

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