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Why need to choose a Programming Language
A programming language is instructions wrote by developers/programmers that a computer will understand to do what a computer user or programmer wants it to do. Programming is also known to some users as a computer language. The computer languages that programmers use is to be able develop application, scripts, or other set instructions for a computer to execute certain information within applications. Currently within the programming language there are a variety of different languages which are listed with in a database explaining which languages there are and what each language can do. A computer programming is to tell a computer what to do through instructions which are then understood by the computer to perform these tasks. A computer will then go through a series of steps to achieve these instructions. Essentially it is a process by any of these programs to design and implement a web browser. There are many advantages of learning a computer programming as a programme will be able to gain new skills, be able to tell the computer what to do, and become better more familiar with computers. However, computer programs can be challenging but rewarding at the same time when a programmer gets there computer program to work on a web browser.

Possibilities of Programming Language
There are several different type and possibilities of programming languages which can be used to design and develop a game, some of these languages include:

• HTML5 – HTML is Hypertext Mark-up Language, with the latest version is HTML5. HTML5 is natural extension of HTML. HTML5 can be used to write web applications which can be used offline before hosting it on a web server. It has been design so that it is able to...

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...nhance the C language. Some of the major software systems such as Firefox and Adobe programs are powered by C++ script. It is generally used to develop application software, system software, client application and video games. C++ has also influenced other programming languages, some of these languages are Java and C#.

Chosen Programming Language

The chosen programming languages which will be used to design and develop the Facebook game will be PHP, HTML5 and CSS3. All of these programs work together to create an application or game successfully and to the best of its ability. The PHP script will be embedded straight into the HTML script, which allows…

Also with PHP being used already within Facebook as they used within SDK for PHP which will enable developers to implement a rich set of server-side functionally for accessing Facebook’s API. (Facebook, 2014).

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