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The CEC professional ethical principles are a guideline for professional special educators. Special educators have a special purpose endowed by the community and recognized by a professional credential. As such, special educators have a responsibility to be guided by their Ethical Principles and Professional Practice Standards (cec). The bottom line is this; professional special educators pledge to these principles and practice guidelines that define their professionalism and advance not only their success but the student’s and their families’ success as well. In regards to my own professional philosophy and goals, I find the following principles most meaningful. Neither engaging in nor tolerating any practice that harms individuals with…show more content…
This resonates strongly with me. Interpersonal skills are intertwined into my professional goals. Exploring and analyzing options to make sound decisions and then communicating my ideas and opinions freely is vital. In regards to special education, the principles of fairness, seeking mutual benefit and maintaining relationships are the keys to a successful outcome. The example I used in a previous module discussion was that of a teacher that comprised goals for a student and when he presented them to the school psychologist, the school psychologist dismissed several of the goals, as he didn’t think they were attainable for the student, then told the teacher to rewrite the goals. This particular scenario demonstrates the importance of practicing collegially with others who are providing services to individuals with…show more content…
Most importantly are as follows: I will pledge that all children are welcomed and challenged, I will provide a safe environment for students to succeed, there are high standards for all students, there are equal opportunities for learning, that the focus is on ability and teaching to strengths. Frequent self-reflection will be key in keeping myself aligned to my commitment and maintaining the attitude and behavior of a special education

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