Essay On Procrastination

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Procrastination is the act of avoiding an important task. It can be seen everywhere from avoidance to go to the dentist, to finishing an analysis paper. Those who procrastinate often wait until the last minute to finish their work, which can lead to stress, guilt, or self-doubt. I often feel panicked when I procrastinate, and in those circumstances I make mistakes, and the work I produce can feel rushed. Although I know how harmful setting aside responsibilities can be; I often have a lapse in judgement and avoid tasks.
Based on my experience, I procrastinate because of my fear of inadequacy. It is hard for me to begin a task because I am afraid that I will not live up to expectations. I am always hard on myself, and it is because I am worried that I am going to disappoint others or myself. If I feel like my ideas are lacking then I switch onto a new train of thought, and place the responsibility in the deep corners of my mind. I am afraid that I’ll be dissatisfied with myself and so I put off starting or finishing a project. My fear of failure often leads me to feel a reluctance to even start a new task.
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My procrastination applies to all aspects of my life. If I am nervous for a reply to an email, then I would avoid checking it. Instead of giving me relief, it only causes more panic-inducing stress to build up. A simple task can turn daunting if I wait too long to put serious effort into it. I always try to stuff my fear and stress back down, but unfortunately it always comes creeping back up. As much as I would like to avoid recognizing my fear, it always finds a way to make itself known. My fear lurks in the corners of my mind. I experience uncomfortable jitters as though I’ve had too much
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