Essay On Privilege And Privilege

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Privilege is constructed and normalized by the society and it plays a role among the conflicts in a person's life. In the terms of injustice and hardships, it is quite difficult to address these issues and to cope with them. Privilege is a term that is described as an unearned right that is given to an individual for the purpose of a specific power based on one's culture, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, etc. It's important to acknowledge privilege as many people have rights in some kind of way in which they can also misuse it in negative ways. I am going to discuss the content of "An invitation to narrative practitioners to address privilege and dominance" and reflect aspects of my life which I have greater power and privilege…show more content…
Before reading the article of invitation, the certain privileges that I possess is something I never thought about and as I contrast with other less fortunate countries, it makes me interested in how therapists and social workers know how to deal with people who are facing these issues regarding with privilege. When I think about privilege, I think about the education system, health care system and the legal system. I believe that these types of systems have a huge control over society and it determines how a person can live their life. So if an individual is struggling with these factors, I believe that they are less privileged than others due to the fact that these systems are necessary for safety, freedom and equal rights. My interests are connected to my future career as I hope to make a difference in another person's life by giving them the opportunity to access their rights and freedoms and to help them into find the proper resources to assist them. In addition, when being a social worker, developing knowledge and skills about recognizing and responding to our privilege is crucial as when talking to others. This interest connects to my life as being a woman of color, in some situations I have my disadvantages such as going on a job interview or even being gender discriminated. These aspects of my life make me want to make a positive difference in the lives of others and pursue a career in social work as I believe that people should earn their justice and rights to strive for the life they want to live. Privilege is constructed and normalized by the society, It's quite difficult to put an end to privilege. Therefore, I hope that I can contribute a difference in the world just by helping people to have access to their systems and also
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