Essay On Privacy And Privacy

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Introduction Protecting ones security and privacy should always be the highest priority. As a manager or upper level staff the concern is for them to uphold to the standards of privacy in accordance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA). HIPPA laws are in place to protect the privacy of one’s health information. Be it a school setting or hospital to protect records within either facility is a constant concern. Creating a sense of privacy is extremely critical.
Patients have a fundamental right to privacy and confidentiality, which is provided under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. One of the original mandates of the policies that eventually became HIPPA was to improve fluidity of care. Thus, those practicing as team members in a hospital may communicate freely with others on a patient 's care team once a referral has been received. The law requires health care providers and payers to use standard formats for common transactions such as submitting an insurance claim on a patient 's behalf. Today, with e-mail and access to the Internet, it is much easier for providers to share records, but it is also much easier for people to misuse the information they contain. The information that is being protected, or Protected Health Information (PHI), includes the
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The increased use of high speed communication technologies has not only speeded up the delivery of care, but has opened new portals for potential breeches of patients ' privacy. With increased specialization and sub specialization and resulting increases in consultation, greater need for communication between health care professionals has arisen, and so has the potential for more complete patient
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