Essay On Prescription Drug Abuse

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Prescription Drug Abuse: The Epidemic That Can’t Be Cured With Medicine Prescription drug abusers, also known as future overdose victims, are all around you everywhere you go. This has become a huge problem in countries all over the world, especially in America. Prescription drugs used to be a rarity among overdoses, but there have been huge spikes in the amount of people abusing prescription drugs, rather than street drugs. Prescription drug abuse is defined as the use of any prescribed medication in a way that the doctor did not intend. Drugs are abused every day, but prescription drugs pose even more potential dangers when abused, than most commonly abused street drugs. Prescription drug abuse has become a worldwide epidemic due to the unrealistic amount of deaths by overdosing, ER visits, and prescription drug abusers and dealers. Unlike other disease epidemics in history, prescription drug abuse is the only one that more medicine can’t cure. People all around you have secrets; your best friend could be abusing drugs, and you may not even know. Prescription drug abuse isn’t hard to hide from other people, so you have to watch closely for signs of abuse. Prescription drugs are most commonly abused by people who feel depressed and stressed. The person abusing drugs isn’t the only one affected by the consequences; family, friends, and anyone in close or constant contact with the abuser are also affected. When you abuse prescription drugs, or any drugs, your personality changes drastically and the things you do or say can harm the people around you and even yourself. Prescription drugs are abused in secret or among friends normally; pills get taken by mouth, crushed and snorted, or dissolved and injected. You commonly get presc... ... middle of paper ... ...un. Prescription drug abuse is when you take prescribed drugs in a way not directed by the prescribing doctor. That means that even taking one pill you weren’t supposed to, is considered drug abuse. Sometimes one pill has seemingly no effect, but sometimes it only takes one pill, one mistake, to ruin your life. The rates of overdose deaths are increasing every day and most of these deaths are due to the abuse of prescription drugs. Prescription drug abuse is rising at an alarming rate and has become an “ideal” way to commit suicide and caused millions of accidental overdoses. The abuse of prescribed drugs has become the only “disease” that can’t be cured with medicine. It is a worldwide epidemic that affects more lives, every day. The only way to save the billions of lives of future overdose victims is to stop the abuse of prescription drugs, before it’s too late!
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