Wealth Disparity and Rising Poverty in America

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The distribution of wealth is unbalanced in the United States. The middle class are getting more poor while the wealthy are getting more wealthy. The poverty level is rising. This can cause some problems in society such as lack of education, lack of job availability, lack of security, lack of housing, and lack of food and water. Poverty in our country is at a drastic stake. Many of the people in the United States are in debt. There are millions million of people that hardly provide money to their family. All these people live in poverty which is defined as those who make less than the Federal government’s official poverty threshold, which for a family of four is $24,000.00 and for a family of seven is $37,000.00. (“Poverty Facts” 1) These …show more content…

People who live in poverty worry about getting enough food. “In 2015, the USDA estimated that 13% (12.7%) , or 15.8 millions of households in the United States were food insecure—meaning that they had difficulty at some time during the year providing enough food for all their members due to a lack of resources.”(“Poverty Facts” 1). This is an important fact because starvation of the people can lead to a crisis. There could be a revolution.The lack of money leads to starvation. It is hard for families to move up and get more money. If we don’t do something, we would just be doing the same thing we have done in the past. We could start another Great Depression. We need to find a way to end poverty. President Lyndon B. Johnson famously declared "an unconditional war on poverty" in 1964 and vowed that although it wouldn't be easy, "We shall not rest until that war is won." ("Introduction to Poverty in America: At Issue." 1). The wealth distribution in the United States is a major problem when it comes to poverty.Due to the lack of money there are many children that don't have a safe environment home, education, and health care. The law require kids that have a safe home. Children need food, water, and a safe place to stay in. Poverty makes that

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  • Explains that the distribution of wealth is unbalanced in the united states. the middle class is getting poorer while the wealthy are getting wealthyer.
  • Explains that poverty in the united states is at a drastic stake.
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