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Portrayal of Women in the Media My research topic I have chosen or the question I did my research on is: How does the way that women are portrayed on television affect the way women are seen in society? I am interested in this topic for the reason that in a lot of my classes we have been talking about stereotypes for women and also stereotypes of people just in general. I also have been learning a lot about the roles women have or what is expected of them compared to a man and what is expected of him. I think this is a very important question that I have purposed for the reason that I do think that the way the media portrays women affects how women see themselves and also act or strive to be like and can cause a lot of issues in low self-esteem, discrimination, respect, etc. I also believe that the way that the media portrays…show more content…
I believe that this topic relates to the course sociology 134 for the reason that we have talked about the difference between men and women and the stereotypes that exist. Also we have talked about the different gender roles there are between men and women and how they have changed slightly but also have not. I also believe that the question I have researched or purposed is a sociological question or involves a study to be done from a sociological view point. The first peer reviewed article, Media Portrayal of Women and Social Change: A case study, is about the major question of studying the relationship between mass media and society is whether mass media are agents of social change or reinforcers of the status quo. This study examined media portrayal of women to explore the relationship between the media and society. In exploring the relationship between media and society, pertinent questions include whether media are molders or reflectors of

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