Essay On Population Policy In Bangladesh

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Introduction East Pakistan, which is now considered Bangladesh, was liberated in 1971 from West Pakistan. Bangladesh has always been a heavily populated country from its beginning. The Government of Bangladesh has endlessly tried to improve its policy to control the population rate in Bangladesh. Various policies were created since the country was liberated to attempt to lower the number of population in Bangladesh. Since the liberation of 1971, the government of Bangladesh focused on population management in order to control the resources of Bangladeshis. After Bangladesh got liberated the elected government expressed in the first five years plan statement that “No civilized measure would be too drastic to keep the population of Bangladesh on the smaller side of 15 million for the sheer ecological viability of the nation.”(Planning Commission,1974). Bangladesh is the third largest populated country in South East Asia, after India and Pakistan. According to the United Nations (2009), the estimated population of Bangladesh was 162 million in 2009. Bangladesh is the seventh most populous country in the world. (UN, 2009) Currently, the population of Bangladesh is 142.3 million people. According to Kulkarni (2011), the population density in Bangladesh has increased from 834 to 964 people per square kilometer from the year of 1974. In this paper, I will argue that neo institutionalism theory best explains the creation of the modern population policy in Bangladesh. The Population policy in Bangladesh The ministry of health and family welfare of Bangladesh government is the one implemented the population policies of Bangladesh. As it has been mentioned in the in (“The ministry of health and family welfare of Bangladesh, Population Policy... ... middle of paper ... ...til 2010. Result The family planning program was accepted all around the Bangladesh positively. It promoted how having less children will be beneficial. It received massive attention in rural areas, since in those areas it was there are no hospitals. But this program allowed them to have visitor ones a month. Females were being empowered through this program as well. Since they were given the opportunity to choose whether they want to have more children or not. Conclusion Bangladesh is an over populated country. But due to the government birth control policy it is overcoming slowly but surely the population increasing rate. The family planning policy which was enlightened to the population of Bangladesh by the government has also encouraged women empowerment. Bangladesh is stepping up its game to control its population and the census of 2011 is the best example.
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