Essay On Political Views On Government

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It will be highly unlikely for someone to have the exact same perception on government. The case for this is it depends on what a person has experienced through his or her life. Many episodes or certain incidences that have occurred in someone’s life can have a great influence on their opinions or beliefs. For example, an individual like me sees things quite differently than another citizen in the United States. I grew up in a home with English as the second language and the practice of our culture was and still is important. The town that I was raised in is very small and with very little diversity. It is safe to say that there were quite a few people that were not accepting of our views. But overall, the majority of the community is welcoming. Before taking Political Thought, I would have to say my view on government seemed to be that they did not do their jobs well. I seemed to have the idea that politics was easy and government can be easily functioned. However, my opinion now…show more content…
As well as, John Locke, whom I believe has had a great influence on American government. Many of America’s political leaders have read Locke. For example, one of which was Thomas Jefferson. This can be easily seen in Jefferson’s writings especially in the Declaration of Independence. “But since his early days, he’d thought and read about government and the rights of mankind. He read British writer John Locke, who believed that people are born with natural rights (Wilson).” Of course, the Declaration of Independence played a significant role in constructing what the United States is today. In addition, many of the other founding fathers read the Two Treaties on Civil Government. As a matter of fact, Locke’s writings are considered to be religious. The U.S. constitution also reflects many of Locke’s religious and political views. Locke’s views were very appealing in the developing American
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