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1. Introduction
First serious project, research or report we get at High School. That was a different way to learn something. When you are doing project or something other you should do it alone, with your ideas. But in here come to something what is called plagiarism. What we will discuss in our work. Also in School ethics is an important thing. Ethics are a concern in an academic environment for students and teachers. As an emerging researcher, the questions you ask and the answers you find will lead you and your colleagues into uncharted waters of knowledge. With intellectual discovery and collaboration come new responsibilities. In conducting and then disseminating the results of your research, you will be accountable both to your colleagues and to the public. The material that follows is intended to help you navigate the complex moral situations that you will encounter in an advanced academic setting. Academic honesty is essential to the intellectual life of the university. Students who use or attempt to use as their own the answers, words, ideas or research findings of another person are guilty of academic dishonesty. In addition to such acts of cheating or plagiarism, any unauthorized possession of examinations, hiding of source materials or tampering with grade records are acts of academic dishonesty specifically forbidden by university rules? So we will discuss about these things and how is the best way to avoid that.

2. The Basic Function of the University
The advancement and dissemination of knowledge, the development of critical intelligence, and the education of citizens and professional workers for the society of which the University is a part are the basic functions of the University
One of the most importa...

... middle of paper ... and impartial classroom environment. To fully understand those tips it was necessary to explain „Ethics in scholarship“and „ Teaching a reasonable conduct“that briefly explains responsible teaching and qualitative use of same. Statements of professional ethics shortly describes way how professors should behave according to professional ethics and can help to make your own attitude if there is attention to continue work as academic personal. If there is no ethic in academic profession, objectivity would not be a part of education and knowledge of all students would be directed in one way, there would not be a chance for free thinking and real knowledge that has a quality. When professors are respecting those tips and rules and when they are real objective academics, we can say quality of education and knowledge that we, students, are receiving is on high level.

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