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I have to admit that I do feel truly guilty and ashamed about having some plagiarism problem for my academic paper. This is my entire fault to make this happened I have no excuse that I did not pay the full attention about academic integrity and avoids plagiarism. I would like to be responsible for all what I have done. On the hand, I have to thank to my instructor who found this problem for me, let me realized how serious this problem could be before it is getting even worse. Moreover, I have to thank to the person who work in the Office of Student Conduct, she explain everything about this situation to me with full of patience. After this whole experience, I understand what the plagiarism is, what the effects of the plagiarism are, and how to avoid the plagiarism. According to the Office of Student Conduct of Western Michigan University about the academic integrity, plagiarism is intentionally, knowingly, or carelessly presenting the work of another as your own. That means plagiarism is the act of directly copying someone else’s words or work and passing it off as your own for personal gain. However, plagiarism is not only end with written work on the paper or some specific articles, but also involve ideas as well. Thus, it means that using an idea that came up with someone else without giving him or her credit, is also plagiarism. I think this is equal to stealing someone’s opinion or ideas instead of your own. Whatever you are the one of students, instructors, professors, or one of a writer and reader, stealing someone’s stuff will absolutely improper. As an international student, I did not consider that how serious the plagiarism problem could be, but after this experience, I had a strong understanding of plagiarism if trul... ... middle of paper ... ...write about. In other words, you have to be prepared for this topic that you are writing before you actually start it. And then during you do some research for your topic; you should understand the information, idea, and opinion that you decide to use for your paper from someone as well. Because this is the basic precondition to you are trying to paraphrase the information that belong to someone else. Finally, after you are done with the paraphrasing, your statements have to be fully cited in your text, and show the readers where they are come from in the references at the last of your paper as well. After this experience, I think I totally understood that the concept of plagiarism is very immoral and goes against majority of people’s ethics and morals. However, fortunately, I have learned a lot from this experience as well, especially for doing some research paper.

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