Essay On Pipelines

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Today's pipelines are used in our everyday way of life for numerous reasons. Pipelines are used to move hazardous materials such as gasoline for automobiles and dirtbikes, home heating oils, propane and diesel fuel along with crude oil and natural gases. They travel long distances above and underground across the country. They run through our neighborhoods, under our streets, across the deserts, through the forest and everywhere else you could think of. They pose very detrimental threats not only to our environment, but also to our society on all levels. There has been a myriad of incidents that have caused irreversible damage to our oceans and fresh bodies of water all over the country consisting of but certainly not limited to oil spills, salt water spills, and natural gas leaks which cause major issues to the health and well-being of the citizens in this country. Our pipelines today are moving quantity instead of quality, which is a large root of the problem. Pipeline regulations have not ever been what people would call ideal, but in the more recent decades have plummeted and are not…show more content…
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