Essay On Physical Exercise

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Physical exercise and nutrition are two important things to maintain in children of a young age. Physical activity and good nutrition are ways to keep your body from being undernourished or malnourished. Eating the right foods and exercising help your body in the long run for children eating healthy and exercising helps your immune system and helps you live a longer and happier lifestyle by not having to face the traumatic things that come with obesity at such a young age. According to Darna Dufour, “Energy balance refers to the equilibrium between energy intake (food) and energy you release (exercise)(Dufour, pg. 541). Studies were done that concluded 7.7% boys and 6 % of girls did some form of physical fitness from moderate to high levels of activity throughout the day. Many different things play a factor in physical activities: The weather, Space for an outdoor play area. Things that make it hard for physical activity is if the weather is bad and you have to stay inside its hard to do certain physical activities inside your house. Another factor that can cause problems is space to do physical activities. When you live in a crammed apartment or space and the television is taking up space where you could be doing your activity your child is more likely going to watch television because it is more convenient. Outdoor space could play an important role in a child’s overall physical activity. Make sure there is space to run around, and a park to…show more content…
The best solution to prevent obesity from happening in your child’s life is to eat a healthier diet and get plenty of physical activity everyday. Ways we can help the obesity epidemic in our country is by “raising taxes on unhealthy foods, healthier foods throughout school systems, limits on other forms of marketing of certain foods towards children, make food labeling clear and honest”(pg.
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