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Although it is fundamental to human nature to be attracted to physical beauty and this beauty deserves to be recognized, the extent to which we as a society value it and hold it accountable for success in life inaccurately leads us to believe beauty is the ultimate advantage in life. The aspiration to possess physical beauty today drives people, especially women, to go to extremes in the hope of finally being beautiful enough to satisfy the expectations of others, especially the media. Humans are naturally attracted to beauty, especially in other humans. The reason for this is our subconscious desire to extend our own lineages into the future. Beauty plays into this because beautiful people are treated better than those society deems less…show more content…
As a consequence, it is much easier for attractive people to succeed in life because they are awarded more worth as individuals. How can beautiful people be “better” people when beauty is nothing more than a phenotypical sequence of genes? An aesthetically pleasing appearance shouldn’t be a cause for society to value that person over another. It does though, especially in contemporary society. People are more likely to notice a beautiful person, to offer help to a beautiful person, and to trust a beautiful person (Morrison). Therefore, by assigning beautiful people more worth, society awards them more power. There is little more valuable to people nowadays than power; it is associated with superiority and success. Beautiful people are thus valued even more so because they are seen as more powerful individuals. The correlation of beauty with power is embedded in our cultural belief system, but the reasoning behind it is flawed. Beauty is genetic, we are born with or without it, so the power endowed to certain individuals based on their looks is completely undeserved. However, society has decided that looks matter so much that they can’t be ignored; even though they should be. It is this contemporary emphasis on beauty which has forced people, predominantly women, to cripple under the pressure put on people to be…show more content…
We become enculturated primarily throughout our childhoods and if bodily form is noticeably respected over personality even in children, we grow up believing it is the ultimate aspiration; to be beautiful. People today feel the pressure to be beautiful, stemming from peers, employers, and the media especially. Employers have been proven to hire the more attractive applicant over their less attractive counterpart. However, this also over-emphasizes beauty’s worth because we overlook that this is typically when employers have to choose between two equal applicants. Nevertheless, it still puts pressure on job-seekers to be attractive because it could be the difference between getting the job and not. Peers also put pressure on individuals to be beautiful either indirectly or directly. Indirectly, a person will focus on their looks more if their peers are good-looking because they will feel as though they have to in order to fit in. Directly, peers can put pressure on each other through compliments and insults to one’s physical appearance. Although both employers and peers put pressure on individuals to be beautiful, neither is as effective as the media because we live in a digital age where the media dominates societal beliefs. The idea that

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