Essay On Pestle Analysis For E-Commerce

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PEST analysis for the increase the business, have a four analyses that is Politic, Economy, Social, and Technology. Now the country is getting advanced with the internet connection so many people are using the internet for the sale and purchase of goods online only. E-commerce is a process of purchase and sale made through electronic means. The processes involved such as advertising, ordering, delivery, payment and after-sales services for goods and services ( according Lee Foong Yeaw, 1998). With the existence of e-commerce internet for selling goods online. After the advent of e-commerce e-tailing around about it that individuals who sell goods online. E-commerce is the buying and selling process is made through electronic means. Through e-commerce traders can expand their business throughout international. E-tailing is sales intermediary, a seller that operates between manufactures and customers. Even through many manufactures sell directly to consumers, they usually supplement their sales through wholesaler and retailers. In the physical world, retailing is done in stores (or factory outlets) that customers must visit in order to make the purchase. Have a eight type of e-commerce in the concept of e-tailing implies sales of goods and services individual customers that is B2B (business to business), B2C (business to consumer) , B2B2C (business to business to consumer), C2B (consumer to business), C2C (consumer to consumer, Intrabusiness EC, B2E (business to employees), E-Learning and E-Government. After that, in a business e-tailing have a two type that is pure play E-tailer and click-and-mortar and bricks-and-mortar. Pure play e-tailer is the people buy the good and services at, e-bay and other website, furthermore... ... middle of paper ... ...budgetary issues, money management and credit-related. for example to start a business they would have to borrow from the bank to start their business. for some merchant, when they had problems paying their debts will be in search of the bank to pay the debt by the AKPK have counseling for Learning how to handle debt is responsible for dealing with this risk. with advice and counseling be provided in other financial matters to ensure your future today AKPK will help them to reduce their monthly payments to repay the debt. AKPK this service is provided to all individuals, free of charge. Conclusion AKPK also help people who have trouble with debt place AKPK way will reduce the monthly payment for the receivables. besides that, before we start on click and mortar and brick and mortar they can listen counseling in connection with the business along with members AKPK.
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