Essay On Pestalozzi, Foebel And Rousseau's Contribution To Education

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Pestalozzi, Froebel, and Rousseau made major contributions to education through their ideas and methods. Many of these thought and philosophies are important to me in my current views of students and education, influencing the kind of teacher I aspire to be and the methods I plan to put in place. Rousseau lived during the 18th century Age of Reason and the French Enlightenment and provided many educational philosophies that can still be applied to teaching today. He questioned the authority of established church and the absolute monarchy, leading him to reject schools as well because of the practice of schools socializing children. He viewed schools as institutions he wanted people to gain freedom from. One of his main thoughts was that people…show more content…
He lived during the early 19th century, when industrialization was just beginning. Unlike Rousseau, he believed schools could be good and favored group instruction. To him, the purpose of education was to develop the human being’s moral, mental, and physical powers harmoniously by using sense perception to form clear ideas. His idea of curriculum consisted to object lessons, reliance on sensation, and teaching from simple concepts to complex concepts, near ideas to far ideas, concrete thoughts to abstract thought. The role of the teacher was to be a facilitator of learning, creating a homelike environment, and being skilled in special method. This changed the way instruction was given in elementary schools. Of the three thinkers looked at, I most align with Pestalozzi 's views and feel there is a lot I can learn from studying his philosophies. The idea of students learning in an unhurried, caring and emotionally secure environment mirrors the type of classroom I want to create. I also think his methods of curriculum are very applicable in using object lessons and introducing simple concepts first before building up to complex ideas. Pestalozzi’s philosophies have been very influential in the education system as well as my personal educational

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