Essay On Pertussis

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Pertussis is a respiratory tract infection characterized by a paroxysmal cough. Paroxysmal cough is an attack of severe uncontrollable coughing, hacking, or whooping. (1) Pertussis, also known as whooping cough, is a very contagious disease caused by bacteria named Bordetella pertussis which are transmitted through fluids from sneezing or coughing around a person’s breathing space. The bacteria release toxins and cause airways, which damage cilia and cause airways to swell. The first outbreak of Pertussis occurred January first of 1500. Pertussis was discovered around 1906 by French scientists Jules Bordet and Octave Gengou. Bordet isolated the bacterium and continually studied the strand. Consequently enough though, the first vaccine was not…show more content…
(4) At the beginning stages of Pertussis possibly could weaken or lessen the severity of the cough but may not prevent symptoms and signs from happening. There are several antibiotics that are received to help pertussis. (2) When dealing with a person with pertussis, parents and children should avoid physical contact with others. (4) The affected should stay away from anywhere where they could possibly infect others which includes school, work, and anywhere where children are located. If the affected is not treated, they should be excluded for twenty-one plus days. Likewise, the parent should treat the affected at home and precautions should be taken. If other kids live in the house, parents are advised to isolate the child to prevent further infection. Facts show that ninety percent of people receive this disease from others in their original households. (2) Patients should remember to follow daily dosage of medicines and antibiotics. Patients should also keep in mind to keep free from irritants and unclean surfaces. Parents should encourage their kids to wash their hands and eat properly. Doctors advise that patients should also avoid cough medicines unless instructed otherwise because these medications have a higher chance of being ineffective and could possibly cause harm to children of the age four and
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