Essay On Personal Selling

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PERSONAL SELLING Personal selling involves the human interaction rather than other forms of communication in selling process. It incorporates the direct, face to face contact and communication in between persons or perspectives buyers and sellers. The basic underlying ability of developing personal selling skill is to identify, understand and respond the need and0 emotional communication of the customer in the selling situation. For e.g. if the customer is confused with what to buy, then the particular sales person can assist them to choose the right product explaining them about the features of the products and services that generates the value to the amount of money they spend. Overview of the research findings: Analytical approach Personal Selling When we look into the basic responses given by the customers of FLPL satisfaction level of customers are a bit higher but still we cannot ignore that fact that the other half of the customer are still dissatisfied when it comes about the personal selling experience of FLPL. The report does not exclude the relationship selling and pers...
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