Essay On Peer Pressure

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As a child develops into an adolescent the importance of relationships shifts from family towards their peers for socialization, friendship, and support. As teenagers begin to distance themselves from adults they grow closer to their peers which help to boost their self-confidence, and form a sense of identity and belonging. Peer pressure occurs when the individual chooses the styles and opinions of their friends due to a real or imagined pressure. The more time the individual will spend with peers, the greater the support and influence of her friends will have on her. As the teenager moves towards independence, they are met with opposition from their parents as they conform to peer influence. Peer pressure an affect adolescents positively and negatively. The difference is that positive peer pressure can push someone to do something good or restrain then from doing wrong; while negative peer pressure pulls away from the good towards the bad; and all this is done to please his peers. Adolescents may develop bad habits due to the pressure to conform to their peers. A teenager may beg...
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