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Pearl Harbor: Before, During and After the Starting Event of World War II A flag stands tall today over what was once the site of strength and power in the United States. A flag stands there because it quickly became a site of destruction and loss on the morning of December 7th, 1941. Although it was destroyed, it was not defeated. What became a gravesite for one thousand, one hundred and seventy seven crewmen of the Pearl Harbor naval base (US National Park Service, 2014), is also a sign of strength and honor. Despite its somber sentiments, the lives lost by the crewmen of the USS Arizona were not lost in vain as the United States quickly rebounded and fought back. To have arrived to the day that Pearl Harbor was attacked and present day, it is necessary to trace the steps back to World War I. World War II, which included the attack on Pearl Harbor, was in many ways unfinished business and conflict left behind from World War I. The turmoil that was left behind from World War I resulted in World War II, which is considered the largest war in history. It was also considered the bloodiest conflict in history because of its death toll which reached between forty and fifty million (Royde-Smith, 2014). This war began with the 1930’s tension in Japan and China (Brittanica, 2014) and became complicated with the country of Japan being scarce in its natural resources. The United States became disturbed by the actions of the Japanese. This was brought on by the country of Japan uniting forces with what was Nazi Germany at the time. As a result of the union, the United States raised the amount of exports and money sent to China and completely cut Japan out of the deal for sending over exports. This of course heightened already existing te... ... middle of paper ... .... This message of peace was reciprocated by the American people who decided after the war that there was no further reason to have conflict with Japan. In present day, relations between the Japanese and American nations are doing very well. Japan and the United States have major trade of imports and exports between the two and the memories of Pearl Harbor are never forgotten, but serve as a learning lesson and an important reminder of the wrath of war. With this being said, it is another memory of how the nation is stronger and how these things all contribute to the freedom of man in the United States. Because of any war that has ever occurred, man can learn to live in peace and make things work. This was proven true of international relations between Japan and the United States. In the end, the strategy of war to eventually create peace will prove true every time.

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